Parchet Lemn Hybrid


Un adevărat hibrid

Este realizat din lemn real, dar nu este proiectat parchet din lemn de esență tare.

Este foarte durabil, dar nu este o podea de design.

HOW hybrid ARE YOU?

Protecție la apă

Can it take a bath? All day long!

Cast your old prejudices overboard: Wood and water do go together! But only because Hywood resists it so successfully.

Conventional wooden floors don't exactly love water. If something goes wrong and is not quickly wiped up, the wood becomes saturated and swells. Dark spots and light-coloured edges are the result. Floorboard edges can warp and lead to trip hazards. All these are unpleasant consequences if you do not constantly pay attention.

Hywood is the wood floor that can stand up to water. Aqua Seal combines various technologies for complete protection against moisture – even if the water is not mopped up right away. Hywood is completely water-repellent when used in combination with wood powder technology, the Nature Protec sealed surface, the high-density core and CLICKitEASY Pro water-repellent profiling.

With Hywood, you can lay your wooden floor in any room – even where it sometimes gets wet. And you can relax, because nothing can really go wrong that quickly.

Rezistenta la Presiune

Hardened? Through and through!

Tough as nails – that's Hywood! It can effortlessly bear the weight of heavy cupboards. Chair castors glide over it without leaving a trace. Whatever challenge it faces, it is never stressed.

Wooden floors are exposed to numerous stresses over their lifetime. Particularly accidentally falling objects can leave dents and grooves in the floor. These look unsightly and provide opportunities for dirt to adhere. It’s a real shame when high-quality, real wood floorboards are irrevocably damaged due to a moment’s carelessness.

Hywood is made of wood, yet offers considerable benefits when compared to a conventional wooden floor. The innovative wood powder technology ensures that Hywood is extremely resistant to unsightly pressure marks and dents. In fact, it’s three times more resistant than conventional wooden floors.

Hywood is wood through and through – yet much tougher and more pressure-resistant than we've previously known. It can take plenty of action. It can therefore be recommended as an "all-rounder" for use throughout the home.

Protecție la zgarieturi

Scuffs? It repels them!

If you love your wooden floor, you are sure to dread the sound of scratching. Even a small stone under the shoe or a child using mummy's bunch of keys as a rattle can cause permanent damage. Hywood is ideally protected against scratches.

Floors are run over, rolled over and crossed on a daily basis. It is almost impossible to avoid scratches. And once they are there, they are quite hard to remove.

Hywood offers all the benefits of wood, but also an impressive resistance to scratches. It comes from the interaction of two technologies: wood powder and Nature Protec. The first ensures extreme hardening. The second seals the surface, in addition to providing no surface for micro-scratches to attack.

So if there’s a scratch somewhere – no need to worry! Hywood provides optimal protection against deep scratches and micro-scratches.

Protecție la zgarieturi

Self-cleaning? Not quite. But almost!

Cleaning is not your favourite activity? But you still like things to be clean and hygienic? That can be arranged, because Hywood has the integrated formula against dirt.

Visible soiling is caused by dirt collecting mainly in the deeper parts of the floor. Over time, it can end up settling there permanently. Paradoxically, this is mainly promoted by the act of mopping. This spreads the dirt particles into every single pore, groove and crack. Over time, the floor becomes more unsightly and harder to clean. It looks unclean and unhygienic. Your feeling of well-being decreases.

Our transparent Nature Protec sealant protects the Hywood surface with a permanent protective layer. Dirt and moisture hardly stand a chance: They simply fail to stick.

This makes Hywood easy and quick to clean. We call that easy care and maintenance. This gives you time for the finer things in life. This includes being able to enjoy your floor for a long time.